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World of Meds: First Blog Entry

Posted: January 23, 2011 in mEdS

Here goes nothing.

So, I believe a good way to start a blog is to introduce myself. My name is Bailey WhitCarthy and in two days I will start my second semester of college. So I named myself “Meds” because, I’m studying medicine in hopes of becoming a Pharmacist… and not I’m not talking about working at Rite Aid.

A few facts of myself:
1. I’m an off and on coffee addict
2. I love reading books
3. My fave color is grey and yellow but, I never wear yellow
4. I think I have Scoleciphiobia. Look it up. Lol
5. Secretly, I want to be a writer

Basically, I plan to update to this blog weekly about the college life, friends, thought, and all the good stuff.
So comment and tell me whether this was a good or bad start.

xoxo- chick.wit.meds. -xoxo